I always loved photography and photo shooting. During the past 3 months I did 18 photo sessions, met 25 different people from 9 countries, I sent 1.200 pics which represents these people happiness and involvement with the city of Rome!

My context history:
When I started working (late 90´s, still a teenager) on my first earning I bought an OlympusL30 camera and felt very cool. So I was the one who did the shots among friends. Later, I started traveling, working, and slowly moved away from this hobby. But during my corporate professional life I was responsible for the press releasing films on cinemas and on Pay-TV in Brasil and this job took me to the backstage, to the conferences and press days.

Corporate life: I was often among talents, directors, the press AND… photographers. So, I realized that I could not be THAT rigorous about the quality of the images if I didn´t understand exactly and technically what I needed as a PR and responsible for the stills. Than I did all the professional qualification I needed to became a more critic about the promotional images. I was still working in TV when I started photo shooting friends and family. And guess what?! The person who helped me to be more meticulous about this work was my sweet daughter who is a hard user and critics of social medias. This fresh point of view helped me even more to be attentive and precise when capturing people´s moments.

During my sabbatical…. Finally, during the year of 2018 when I was in Venice, Italy doing my sabbatical year (yes, I did it before the 40th bday) I offered myself to photo shoot fellows. I started very slow and at the end of the year, I applied to become an Airbnb host. On the 27/12/2018, I did my first guest and now, 3 months later, I can tell you, YES! I became a photographer! I just love phots shooting people and to do it in Italy is a blessing from the Gods. This is a scenario – city with much to say about the history of humanity, the arts and culture heritages. I feel really glad to be in touch with people, to capture their moments in Rome and Venice and to share a bit about my passion and experiences. But as a self-pressure professional, I still suffer of the feeling that I haven’t done enough pics… but this is another story!

Sunday, 24/03/209 423ºday in Italy (227º in Rome)

The spring is out and we can feel it! Today I wore a dress for the first time this season. It is my mum´s bday, so Bea and I went out for a Japanese lunch to celebrate in our way even distant (Mamma is in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil). We had this amazing lunch and Bea surprised me keeping her vegie diet very strict (the Japanese fresh sushis were the only food, which used to make her get off the vegie life once in a while). During the afternoon, we binge watched a new release on Netflix, the Brazilian serie “Coisa Mais Linda” about some feminist and liberal women in the 60ies in Brazil.