Cris Piloto_

To be a ´PILOTO´ is about a journey!

I ran after a social and financial stability working hard during 15 years. I brought up my beautiful daughter with all love and fun as I could. But after a while I felt I would like to do something else… to be somewhere else… to challenge myself again… and I had that dream in mind to take a sabbatical year before the 40th bday.

Putting all of these together was a challenge itself because I couldn’t be irresponsible or THAT crazy to throw away all my reputation and backgrounds.

So, the way I found was going back to studies then I did my Master in Arts in Venezia, Italy. I consider this as my ‘middle-age break year’ (I still call it as my sabbatical).

During the process of ‘starting a new life’ I went back to the traveling life, I lived for 1 year without fixed address, I photo shoot everywhere, I do some freelancing with communication (professional profile here) and started an emotional italian relationship <3.

At this moment, we are temporarily based in Rome, Italy! I still develop as a human being, I look forward to the next project I´ll involved, I take care of the home, I host Airbnb guests with street photo shooting, I connect with people from all around, I investigate more about the culture heritages and the art world in Italy, I try to improve my italian and (finally) I tell stories!

Nice to meet you and welcome to my P2P blog (person to person)!
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